Types of solar cells, structure, efficiency, price (part 2)


Different types of solar cells

In addition to 3 types of solar batteries key as outlined above. There are many types, but they are still under research and development, so they have not been applied much.

Solar battery bio

The english name is Biohybrid, which uses a new technology that combines basic imaging photosystem1 and inorganic substances. The layer 1 imaging system of the light is decimated and converted into kinematic power and generates electric currents.

Concentrated PV solar cel (Concentrated PV)

This type of battery differs from the above types of solar cells, it has a curved mirror, lens surface. Conversion efficiency is up to 41%, the highest of all. But PV batteries are only effective when they catch light at the perfect angle. So to get the most out of your performance, you need to use a solar direction monitor and a reversing system.

Which type of solar battery is best used to install?

Each type of battery has its own advantages and disadvantages. So when choosing to install you need to rely on many factors such as finance, installation location. You have a lot of space and space so choose poly sheets. Poly has low cost and average performance. On the contrary, if you do not have the space, you should choose mono panels for higher performance.

Geographical location affects the performance of batteries a lot. Because in fact, places with low solar radiation like the North, mono batteries perform better than poly. In addition, in the South, where the highest radiation is reduced, the use of poly batteries is more appropriate.

As for thin-film batteries, our country actually uses little because of the good installation area but the conversion efficiency is low. But it’s suitable for portable solar systems like in a car or on a boat.

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