Solar battery system maintenance

Why do you need to maintain your solar system?

Regular and periodic maintenance is very important. This will ensure your system operates efficiently, correctly and safely

Over time, dirt and leaves will inevitably accumulate on the surface of your PV panels, which can affect the power generation efficiency of the entire solar system. In addition, water and moisture, hail, wind … can all cause damage to your system.

By making sure you maintain them regularly, you can ensure that they operate with optimal efficiency, and are safer on electricity for family members. Periodic scheduling will be essential for you, helping to maximize your monthly electricity bills as well as help improve longevity.

How often should I maintain my PV system?

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Like all electrical equipment, regular solar system maintenance is essential. It is best to have your solar provider regularly scheduled maintenance on your schedule.

  • Note: Please keep all documentation regarding installation, user manual and maintenance

Should we hire someone with expertise to maintain the system?

Unlike conventional electrical products, a solar power system does not have to be completely safe to turn off the power switch, as there are still potentially hazardous components. In addition, roof-top systems will be even more difficult to access, if not fully equipped with protective equipment can cause danger when climbing.

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We recommend that if you do not have all the necessary protective equipment, the best way to hire maintenance services, cleaning them to ensure absolute safety, and especially for the above systems. Roof.

Maintenance-related work

Your system maintenance is not as simple as cleaning solar panels, but also meeting the following requirements:

  • The panels must be cleaned, checked for no cracks to ensure safety.
  • No parts / components were damaged.
  • The vents are not clogged with debris.
  • The switch does not have any damage.
  • The system of power lines is not damaged, open point, short circuit.
  • Electrical test to make sure all components are working properly.
  • Check that all accessories and cables are correctly attached.
  • Review the inverter display panel for recorded voltage errors.
  • Make sure emergency cut-off procedures are clearly marked for the convenience of firefighters.

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