Distribution of solar batteries

Solar battery solutions provided by Green Technology Vietnam

1. The off-grid solar power system without charge is the system suitable for all households / businesses wishing to use clean energy from the sun.

2. The grid-connected solar power system with electric charge is suitable for all families / businesses that need to use clean energy from the sun that the grid has not yet reached such as islands, remote and dangerous areas …

3. The solar hybrid power system is suitable for families wishing to maintain a constant power source for devices with high priority use.

4. Solar panels: Poly, Mono

5. Inverter 6. Together with equipment and accessories to install solar energy

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What are the benefits of solar cells?

In recent years, solar panels are one of the developing trends in the energy industry in our country. Of course, not suddenly this technology is so interested? Because it offers the following benefits:

+ Solar energy is a clean, endless source of energy that is worth taking advantage of and is in line with the trend that people are all looking for.

+ Electricity is an essential indispensable need in the daily life and work of the Vietnamese people today. However, because it is an essential demand, the national grid is sometimes limited, problems such as malfunction, overload or not being able to reach remote areas. Therefore, the solar cell and solar power appeared to solve all the above problems.

+ Solar battery not only provides electricity, is the most important part in the solar power system, solar air conditioner, solar high-voltage lamp, solar water pump, … for households / businesses, but also contributes to the creation of clean energy source to protect the environment and human health.

+ In particular, nowadays at PATSOLAR, there are also mini solar cells – small, compact in size, very convenient for picnics, travel, canoes – boats at sea, business or leisure. Youngers…

=> In general, solar batteries help you go anywhere with electricity, use natural energy – clean to help people be active in the journey, living and working.

The company distributes genuine solar batteries

Solar energy is an endless source of green and clean energy of the future that is encouraged by both the World and Vietnam to develop when resources such as thermal power, oil, water … will be gradually depleted as hydroelectric plants. Vietnam does not have a water source to operate, resulting in a lack of electricity.

PATSOLAR is the address specializing in the distribution and installation of solar power systems, including solar batteries for households and businesses in Vietnam, especially Da Nang and neighboring provinces.

Especially when you buy 10 or more panels, you can become our agent with a high discount of up to 30%, fail to renew immediately and always available in stock in large quantities.

With the motto of prestige, quality makes a brand, we always want to bring to the Vietnamese market, the Vietnamese people, solar energy products according to international standards from leading manufacturers. World. Contact us today to get the best quote!

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